A $1,600,000 settlement obtained on behalf of a man who sustained permanent and irreversible injury at the home of an individual in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The worker sustained serious brain injury while he was repairing the homeowner's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

A $750,000 award on behalf of a construction worker injured at a Philadelphia construction site. The construction worker was injured when a steel beam was dislodged from the building, struck him on the head and caused the worker to experience post-concussion syndrome.

A $1,100,000 award on behalf of a family whose son died in a Chester County hospital after hours of neglect and failed diagnosis.

A $1,500,000 award on behalf of a young man who suffered serious and permanent brain damage after his health care providers failed to timely diagnose a brain aneurysm.

A $1,000,000 award for the parents of a child who perished shortly after childbirth at a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hospital.

A $1,4000,000 award on behalf of a family who lost their father to an untimely cancer diagnosis.

A $275,000 award received on behalf of a man who sustained injury to his eye during a Lasik laser surgery procedure.

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