Slip And Fall Injuries Lead to Permanent Disability

An owner and possessor of land and property is required to extend to his visitors the highest degree of care. Oftentimes, business owners, building owners and property owners ignore your well-being and fail to maintain their property in a safe condition.

If you have been hurt in a trip and fall, slip and fall or as a direct result of a dangerous condition in a building or on land, call our office to discuss your case. Our investigative team includes photographers and investigators who will report to the scene of your accident at once, photograph the accident sight and preserve all of the evidence necessary to win your case before it is destroyed or removed by the owner of the property.

Get Representation From Experienced Trial Attorneys

At HoeyLegal, we are ready to take every case to trial. Slip-and-fall cases can involve large settlements and battles against corporations. We are always up for the challenge.

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