Nursing Homes Choose Profit Over Patient Care

The most vulnerable and defenseless patients are those confined to nursing homes and long term care facilities. Instead of receiving the best possible care in the last days of their lives, they are mistreated, neglected, abused, and ignored.

If you believe that a family member has suffered from mistreatment in a nursing home and/or long-term care facility, that relative deserves vigilant and unrelenting representation. What we most often discover is that the nursing home chooses profit over patient care and under staffs the facility to the great detriment of the most vulnerable patients they are entrusted to treat. The typical result is that these patients are ignored, mistreated and abused.

Our investigative team includes rehabilitative medicine physicians and nursing home experts who know and understand the state and federal regulations regarding staffing and quality care. Our exhaustive investigations typically lead to significant awards for the neglected patient and fines and penalties for the profit driven institution. Make no mistake, when you sue a nursing home, expect a fight. Hire the attorney that the nursing home industry fears and respects. Feel free to contact our office for the sake of your loved one and the next family's loved one that may encounter the same unacceptable neglect.

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