Don't Take DUI Charges Lightly

When faced with a DUI charge, individuals in the suburban Philadelphia area -- Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Bucks County -- require a skilled attorney. At HoeyLegal, you will be represented by former prosecutors who know and understand the DUI laws and how they apply to your particular case. Hiring an unskilled and inexperienced DUI lawyer will cost you dearly. At HoeyLegal, we are passionate about protecting your rights, preserving your privilege to drive a car in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and protecting your future.

Common DUI Penalties In Pennsylvania

  • Misdemeanor criminal charge
  • License suspension of varying length
  • Fines and costs
  • Alcohol and drug treatment
  • Driver safety classes
  • Vehicle ignition interlock system
  • County jail/State prison time
  • Probation

Blood Alcohol Content And License Suspension

  • GENERAL IMPAIRMENT - A BAC between .08 and .099% may result in a "General Impairment" DUI. In cases with such BAC range, one may suffer no license suspension and serve no jail time;
  • HIGH BLOOD ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION - A BAC concentration between .10 and .159% constitutes a "High BAC" range. Said range will cause a license suspension and expose the defendant to a potential jail sentence;
  • HIGHEST BLOOD ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION - If you have a blood alcohol concentration of .16 or higher, or a blood alcohol concentration that includes indicia of a controlled substance, you will face the highest level of punishment including, but not limited to, license suspension and potential jail time.

Additional issues such as multiple DUI convictions, habitual offender status and driving under suspension -- DUI-related result in further license suspensions, jail time and additional penalties. It is critical that you hire an experience, former prosecutor to represent you as maintaining your license to drive your automobile is paramount.

Charged With Drunk Driving?

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